Rehabilitation support

By offering immersive experiences during rehabilitation, we use virtual reality technology to help patients overcome obstacles that may arise in the rehabilitation process.


We know that recovery can be a long and difficult process, and that social isolation and lack of motivation can be major obstacles to recovery. Our immersive experiences can help improve patients’ motivation and concentration during therapy, and can reduce rehabilitation-related stress and anxiety. In addition, there is a broad scientific basis supporting the use of virtual reality technology in rehabilitation, and it has been shown that it can improve mobility and limb function in patients with stroke or spinal cord injury, and can reduce pain and anxiety in patients with chronic pain.



When tested on patients, many ask to do it again. As a medical staff, you feel satisfied when you see your patients happy.

Sergio Delgado, Physiotherapist


A total, quality experience. The videos are of high quality. They work very well and I am very happy with it. Hopefully it can be implemented in all of them.

Yasmina, nurse