Humanizing therapies through VR/360

We help your patients reconnect with the world


Reduction of pain and anxiety

The immersiveness of the experiences can reduce the levels of pain and anxiety experienced by patients, helping to better manage their symptoms.

Cognitive and physical stimulation

Virtual reality can provide a safe and effective form of cognitive and physical stimulation for patients with neurodegenerative diseases or who need to regain motor skills.


We can customize the experience according to each patient’s interest, increasing their sense of reconnection with the outside world, motivating them to actively participate in their recovery process.

Scientifically proven

All our experiences are being validated in clinical trials.


Immersive experiences in nature

We offer immersive experiences in natural environments, especially in aquatic spaces and forests, to reduce stress and anxiety, and relax critical patients and during painful treatments.

Rehabilitation support

We offer interactive virtual experiences in real environments familiar to patients, designed to accompany their rehabilitation sessions and reinforce their motivation and adherence to treatment.

Ad hoc productions

We create audiovisual productions in specific environments according to the needs and indications of our clients, recreating situations that help solve specific challenges of a determined group of patients.

How immersive experiences work

Thanks to immersive images, sounds, and interactions created through 360 audiovisual productions and 3D animations, patients can immerse themselves in an environment that allows them to “leave” the place where they are due to their illness and reconnect with more pleasurable experiences. This is possible thanks to the illusion created by the brain that they are actually in the place they are seeing in virtual reality. This is possible thanks to the illusion created by the brain that they are actually in the place they are seeing in virtual reality.

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Our customers and partners


360/VR immersion can reduce anxiety, stress, delirium and improve adherence to treatment, which can positively impact patient recovery and well-being.

Nursing homes

Our immersive 360/VR experiences can provide a therapeutic and relaxing environment for residents, help improve quality of life and reduce apathy and unwanted loneliness.

Rehabilitation centers

The 360/VR immersive experiences can improve treatment adherence and motivate patients, accelerating the recovery process in their rehabilitation.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

If you share our vision of improving people’s quality of life through technology, do not hesitate to contact us.


Are you interested in developing corporate social responsibility actions with a high social impact in your community? Contact us!

Health sector institutions

Are you a service provider in the health sector and looking to humanize therapies? Let’s talk about how we can work together! Let’s talk about how we can work together!

Cultural, artistic and sports entities

Do you offer cultural, artistic or sports services and want to reach people who cannot travel? Let’s talk about how we can create immersive experiences for them.

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