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We are Reality Telling, a group of professionals sharing a passion: transporting people to different realities through 360/VR technology and other audiovisual techniques, with a specific goal in mind, to help in therapeutic processes and raise awareness about social issues.

The story of Reality Telling and how we started to tell stories

The Story of Reality Telling   This is the story of a very good camera envied by all video makers in the world, which we have named Renata. Since its birth, Renata has been able to do incredible things, which can be summarized in what we know as 360/VR technology.  ...


THE STORY OF THE REBEL OCULUS NAMED ALDOUS   This is the story of Renata's soul mate: Aldous. Thanks to him, Renata has the possibility to show people the images she has captured and that she keeps with great affection. But where does Aldous co me from?    The story...


This experience has taught us that giving a smile and hope to another person is the most beautiful thing we can do. This is the story of Anna, of her fight against Coronavirus and of her family who, through 360 technology, wanted to do something that we cannot do at the moment: to be by the side of our loved ones in the ICU.

The dream team

Rafa Lanús

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, at the age of 22 I moved to Los Angeles, where I spent more than 20 years and where I studied photography and film directing at UCLA.

I have more than 20 years of experience covering all kinds of assignments for magazines, news agencies and organizations around the world. 

Over the years I have covered all major Hollywood events such as Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys, Cannes Film Festival and many more.

I also specialized in posing and portraits of celebrities. 
In addition, I have done dozens of projects for NGOs that have taken me to Africa and America.

I love this kind of tasks and I always try to fit them into my schedule. 

Right now I’m between Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

Mariella Pisciotta

I am Italian but a bit of a world citizen…

I studied international economics and, after 18 years of experience in the non-profit domain, I am now specialized in international cooperation.

I have lived and worked in several southern American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador as well as in the United States.

Now I am in Barcelona.

My passion is to work with the different local actors in order to understand their needs but also to find opportunities and potentials, because my aim is to do my bit to improve people’s living conditions.

To do this I identify new projects, seek funding through applications to public and private institutional donors and in case of approval I monitor them closely so that everything goes as expected and thus meet the expectations of the donor, the partners and the beneficiaries.

Stefano Iuliani

I was born and raised in the countryside, in the south of Italy. At the age of 18 I went first to Naples, then to Paris and finally to Barcelona.

In these three cities I studied and worked in two different fields: cinema (RAI, PARIS VII) and foreign languages (UAB and UNIOR).

I have more than 10 years of experience in video production and translation, two passions that often come together in the creation of subtitles for cinema.

Over the years, I have also been passionate about other fields, such as writing (publishing a book), music (founding, a webzine active in Catalonia) and e-learning (founding an audiovisual content translation project).

Now I live in Barcelona, a city that never ceases to increase my desire to discover new horizons.

Patricia Pólvora

Impact measurement consultant (SROI) and Founder of the social enterprise Teterum.

I have 18 years of experience in the field of corporate responsibility, volunteer projects and social entrepreneurship.

Co-writer of the book “Doctor, I’m not going to give up, how I became friends with my chronic illness” which recounts 15 years of living with a chronic illness, in which I also explain how I co-created the first Spanish tea brand to achieve Bcorp certification – a “seal of quality” assigned to social impact companies.

As a consultant, I assist companies in measuring strategic social impact and accompany companies in the Bcorp certification process. On a voluntary basis, I mentor young people in labor integration projects and participate in solidarity actions.

Esteban Loiácono

I always liked writing, painting, photography, cinema and everything related to creativity, but also numbers and order. When I was a kid, I used to make stop motion animations while my brothers were playing soccer, and aldo to participate in a math contest without thinking too much about the fact it was something serious.

Maybe that’s why I studied systems engineering along with advertising and marketing (although I would have liked cinema). I’ve been managing teams and helping different organizations and brands to connect with their audiences through the internet for more than 14 years.

In 2018 I decided to take a year and a half off to travel. Now, again in Barcelona, in addition to being operations director at, I share my energy and knowledge in Realitytelling to tell stories.