This is the story of Renata’s soul mate: Aldous. Thanks to him, Renata has the possibility to show people the images she has captured and that she keeps with great affection. But where does Aldous co me from?



The story of Aldous is very strange. At first, it was called “Oculus”, like all the other viewers produced by the eponymous production company.

However, Aldous decided to change its name for two main reasons:

1) Aldous is a non – conformist and wants to stand out from the crowd;

2) Aldous has never felt like an “eye,” as the Latin word “oculus” suggests.

But why doesn’t he feel like an eye? According to Aldous, the word “eye” does not perfectly express his work, because it suggests that the sense involved during the immersive experience is only sight, but it is not!

According to Aldous, all the other senses are involved as well, because the person wearing the visor literally feels transported to another place and experiences real and intense emotions.



Aldous feels more like a door, because this word makes it clear that by wearing the visors you cross a door that leads to another dimension, you experience a real passage from the world you are in to the world sh own by the glasses.

“Door”, then, not “eye”! Precisely for this reason, Aldous decided to change his name, choosing that of the author of his favorite book, Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception.

Moreover, the name Aldous has Germanic origin and means “old and wise”, as our dear Aldous…


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We are Reality Telling, a group of professionals united by a passion: Transporting people to different realities through 360 / VR technology and other audiovisual techniques, with a specific objective in mind, to help in therapeutic processes and raise awareness about social issues.

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