The Story of Reality Telling


This is the story of a very good camera envied by all video makers in the world, which we have named Renata. Since its birth, Renata has been able to do incredible things, which can be summarized in what we know as 360/VR technology.



One day, Renata found herself alone and sad, gathering dust at the top of a white closet in the house of her owners, Rafa and Mariella, in Barcelona.

How could such a good camera with so much potential be abandoned? The answer is very simple: Renata had not been fully understood and had been used for a long time without passion.

Suddenly, however, the unthinkable happened: Rafa, from his bedroom bed, opened his eyes one Saturday in December, and saw that ball all dusty at the top of the closet and thought “what ‘s that camera doing collecting dust when we could use that technology to help people who are having a hard time?”



That day, Renata came down from the top, to tell people’s stories, to move and help to heal, and at that moment, it was Renata who, through the incredible strength that characterized her, managed to gather in the same place five people with different life stories but with the same goal: to try to help those who need it most, at a time when the world was terrified, isolating people from each other by a virus called COVID – 19.

This is how Rafa, Mariella, Esteban, Patri, and Stefano started the Realitytelling project, with the aim of telling stories that could somehow help in therapeutic processes and raise awareness of social issues. A kind of “activism” through technology.



Renata now feels that her life has a meaning, she is happy, and she has also understood from deep inside, the mystery behind her name that comes from the Latin “Renatus”: it means “to be reborn” or “born again”.

Now Renata and her five friends are delighted to collaborate with hospitals, health centers, NGOs, and schools to offer immersive experiences to wonderful people in love with life, always with a single driving force at the center: passion.


Who we are

We are Reality Telling, a group of professionals united by a passion: Transporting people to different realities through 360 / VR technology and other audiovisual techniques, with a specific objective in mind, to help in therapeutic processes and raise awareness about social issues.

Do you want to tell your story?