There are stories that touch the most hu man part of each person. Stories that move, even if you don’t know the protagonists.

This is the story of a family separated by Covid – 19, a virus that not only “locked” the inhabitants of several countries in their homes but also separated entire families for several months. This is the story of Sophie, 6 years old, her mother Mariella and her father Rafa.



Sophie Covid confinement

The very long wait


March 18, 2020: Sophie has a melancholy moment as she looks out over Barcelona from the rooftop of the building she lives in. Her mother, Mariella, who traveled to Milan on March 7, 2020, to visit her ailing father (who unfortunately passed away a few days later), was stuck there not knowing when she would be able to return home to her family.

At the time, both Spain and Italy were in lockdown due to the Covid – 19 crisis.


The confinement told by Rafa, Mariella & Sophie - Realitytelling.com

Practicing resilience


March 30, 2020: Sophie checks the days left to see her mother Mariella on a countdown board she has drawn with her father Rafa on the window of their house in Barcelona, while in compulsory isolation.


The confinement told by Rafa, Mariella & Sophie - Realitytelling.com

Almost back


On March 29, 2020, after taking a last-minute ferry, only for Spanish residents, from Genoa Mariella is back in Barcelona, but she still cannot enter home, because she has been exposed to Covid – 19.

She will have to do a 2 – week quarantine in an apartment lent by friends in the same neighborhood where she lives. Sophie and her mother, both with protection, see each other for the first time after 23 days.

Mariella shows Sophie on a calendar a countdown she had prepared herself. Sophie counts down the days…



Preparing for mom’s homecoming


Sophie and Rafa prepare for mom’s return and go food shopping together in the Born neighborhood in Barcelona, while the whole country is in lockdown.

The Born neighborhood is one of the busiest and most visited in Barcelona. On a normal day, it would be packed with hundreds of tourists. Sophie has only left the house twice since the whole situation started on March 15, 2020.


The confinement told by Rafa, Mariella & Sophie - Realitytelling.com

The most awaited hug


On April 12, 2020, after 37 days that she left her home in the Born to go to Milan planning to return in a few days, Sophie and Mariel la are united in an embrace they will remember for life.

“Their first hug at the entrance of our building was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my entire life,” says Rafa.


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