This experience has taught us that giving a smile and hope to another person is the most beautiful thing we can do.

This is the story of Anna, of her fight against Coronavirus and of her family who, through 360 technology, wanted to do something that we cannot do at the moment: to be by the side of our loved ones in the ICU.



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BlueSpace Project


March 2021: Here we go! As part of the BlueSpace project, Hospital del Mar (Barcelona) and Reality Telling get the first OK from the family of a patient suffering from Covid-19 to shoot private and intimate images with 360 technology to show them to the patient herself.

This is the story of Anna, who has been in ICU for more than two months.

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In Sandra’s house


7 March 2021: Stefano and Rafa have the opportunity to go to Anna’s daughter’s house, whose name is Sandra. To welcome them there are also her two grandchildren, who show Anna the house they moved into a few days ago, still carrying the packages they took with them during the move.

The atmosphere is great: the two children are looking forward to playing with Anna again and eating the hearty dishes that only a grandmother can cook for her grandchildren.

UCI reality telling

Inside the ICU


9 March 2021: Rafa and Judith, the head of the ICU at Hospital del Mar, show images to Anna through the Oculus glasses.

The images speak for themselves. Rafa just wants to point out that “being able to be present at a moment like this not only gives you indescribable emotions, but it is the immediate and evident manifestation of having done something important for another person”.


The letter


10 March 2021: Sandra writes a letter to Judith thanking her for her efforts and for having “literally saved her mother”. For obvious privacy reasons, we do not want to show the contents of the letter in detail, but it makes us feel good to know that Sandra considers the 360 immersive technology project to be a “tool that patients will certainly like, because it is made with love and allows to create a strong bond between patients and relatives at a delicate time and that gives them the possibility to get out of the four walls in which they have been locked up for weeks”.

April 2021: Anna leaves the hospital after three months of hospitalization and declares to the press: “The experience with the 360 technology was the most beautiful medicine I could have”.

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